Monday, December 3, 2012

Cards that I've created

Just wanted to post a couple of pictures of cards I've created in the past.  Hopefully I'll be able to get back to card making soon or I'm going to miss making Christmas cards..YIKES!  These are all beginner cards, like my first Magnolia card for my Grandmother's 92nd birthday.  I forgot to take pictures of the insides of some cards before I personalized them.  A few of these were inspired by Outlines Rubber Stamp company.  I think I have almost all of there stamps, sadly they are not in business anymore, although, Hampton Arts has been releasing some "Outlines" stamps recently.  Also, some feature CC Designs 'em! And they are having a new release in just a couple of days..can't wait.  Click over on their banner for a looksy. Anyway, I hope you enjoy and there will be more soon and hopefully videos too.  That's my goal anyway.  Have an amazing day!


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