Sunday, November 25, 2012

It's a brand new blog!

Good day, all!  I just created my first blog and this is my first post.  If you are reading this then congratulations you've embarked on a new, and hopefully exciting, journey and a big THANK YOU for choosing to spend a few moments of your day with me.  I hope to begin posting pictures of my card creations and anything else that might pop into my head.  I am learning and sometimes that is a s~l~o~o~o~w process for me. LOL.  Please be patient with me as we embark on this new frontier together.  Oh, you might ask why "TheInkinGardenSpot"?  My desk, where I "ink" up my creations is facing a window that looks out onto my "garden".   I do love gardening, but alas it is neglected, as so many things are.   It has had it's good days and bad, but there are always some cute little creatures to look at it: squirrels, birds, chipmunks, hawks, sometimes raccoons and an occasional deer or fox.  And of course, who doesn't love just looking out at nature or at nothing in particular, just out into the great outdoors.  I am hoping that this little blog will bring someone a little bit of happiness and for me this blog is hopefully a little nudge for me to get started doing some of the things I am always thinking of in my head, but always putting aside for another day.  Sometimes you gotta stop thinkin' and just start doin', stop procrastinatin' and just start livin'.   My first piece of alluring and mind blowing blog advice (smile).....more to come... Until next time, here's to doin' and livin'.

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